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The Mini to Mighty Show

Apr 22, 2019

You have power. You can have a positive impact on the world. You can find satisfaction in your life today. How? Kathryn shares how to do all this and more by following 3 simple steps that will help you identify your purpose and start changing lives. You’ll hear why you should stop chasing success and start chasing your passion. So start your journey towards satisfaction today. Use this quick guide to redefine your life and start impacting those around you.

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“Start with your passion now and you’re going to evolve”

-Kathryn Nash


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0:40 - The one thing all men and women have in common that either causes depression or joy

2:19 - Why success will fail you ever time. But Kathryn reveals what will ACTUALLY drive your life towards satisfaction

4:24 - Did you know you have worth beyond your body? Find out how to use your purpose to create impact in the people around you

7:51 - You have power! 3 ways to change someone's world at a restaurant

9:58 - How to turn your passion into impact and income

12:19 - Find your bigger vision, change lives, and start using your talents and power with 3 simple steps




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