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The Mini to Mighty Show

Apr 8, 2019

Fear isn’t going anywhere. But what could you accomplish if you stopped letting it hold you back? Courage is a muscle, and exercising it is the only way to push through worry and doubt to take action. In this episode, Kathryn busts some common myths about courage and gives you two tips for limitless courage in the face of fear. You’ll learn how to take what scares you and make it EXCITE you.


“Courage is never the absence of fear; courage is taking action in the midst of fear.”

-Kathryn Nash


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1:58 - Are certain people predisposed to courage?

2:40 - Why you need to stop putting things off in the hopes that your fear will go away

3:38 - It’s in our nature to avoid discomfort, so how can we take action in the face of fear?

6:30 - What the story of David and Goliath teaches us about courage

9:32 - What do you need to take action? It’s not what you think!

12:50 - How to re-frame the meaning of courage in a way that makes it easier to act

14:55 - How to identify the Goliaths in your life


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